Here you will find a small selection of machines we have reconditioned; We have also completed a number of bespoke projects which are unique to our normal work.

National 89

National 5/16 + Noise Enclosure

Sacma SP22 

Carlo Salvi Header 

Menn EWM GW83L

Saspi GV2-10

Rmg Wire Drawer 34

National 375 Roller Header

SASPI GV2-10 Threadroller

E.W.Menn GW52 Threadroller

E.W.Menn GW82 Threadroller With Stud Feeder

Hilgeland ME2 Trimmer

E.W.Menn GW63 Threadroller

Hilgeland COLHA Header

E.W.Menn GW23 Threadroller

F.E. Wire drawer

Ingramatic RP2 Threadroller

Taihei pinch pointing machine

Grefe shank slotter

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